Im going to probobly get my link on the Frontpage and...

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31-12-2006 10:07:24

I was wondering what you think I should do, its gotta be a freepay site and I was thinking doing the PS3 one, but I don't wanna refer people after my links off their...So should I go for something smaller?

I don't know how old those testimonials are many refs are people getting now adays


31-12-2006 12:19:30



31-12-2006 13:24:09

You won't get anything you idiot.


31-12-2006 13:55:52

[quote2c5ce294ce="DIABLO"]You won't get anything you idiot.[/quote2c5ce294ce]

LOL, see you next year!


31-12-2006 13:58:44

[quote9607735a72="KeithA"][quote9607735a72="DIABLO"]You won't get anything you idiot.[/quote9607735a72]

LOL, see you next year![/quote9607735a72]


on topic...I would stay away from freepay...the time limit is a killer. I would def. try a smaller site and different network, putting your link on the front page can help you.


31-12-2006 14:45:38

Admin says currently freepay is only allowed on their.


01-01-2007 07:31:39

Well, I can't say from personal experience, but you most likely wont be getting results like in those testimonials. That was when the site was really young (maybe even before the forum; I can't remember) and people were nicer and didn't care about getting money to sign up for sites. You'll probably at least get a few yellows, if you're luck maybe even a few greens. Your best bet is to just try it.