Roommate is Performing during Super Bowl Halftime

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30-12-2006 19:48:43

The roommate just got an email from Frankie J, apparently they're going to the superbowl to sing during the halftime show! All I wanna know is where is my ticket???


30-12-2006 20:02:41

That's awesome. New avatar? I'm liking it ;)


30-12-2006 20:13:14

Wow. Coincidentally, my 16yo daughter will be marching at the Sugar Bowl half-time in New Orleans on Monday. Her HS marching band was invited to perform along with some other high-schools across the country.


30-12-2006 20:15:31

wow I bet she is really excited!!


30-12-2006 20:22:16

[quote0059530421="hairyferry"]wow I bet she is really excited!![/quote0059530421]
Yep. She left tonight to stay with a friend, they're leaving at 6am tomorrow heading to N.O. And actually, I think the game is the 3rd, not Monday, now that I think about it.

She might even be easy to spot. If they show much of the Northwest GA High School band on TV, she'll be the only girl wearing a skirt. Don't get me started, it's a long story why she has the skirt, she's had it since she started marching. We tried to get her to go with the pants like everybody else this year, but she likes standing out. I have to admit, with all those kids moving on the field it does make it easier for us to pick her out. )


30-12-2006 20:23:19

That's gonna be awesome. I'll have to watch for her.


31-12-2006 05:42:57

When will the Notre Dame game be?


31-12-2006 08:29:51

[quote59678cb96d="Powerbook"]When will the Notre Dame game be?[/quote59678cb96d]
January 3rd, 8pm on FOX.

Sorry hairy, didn't mean to hijack your thread. oops

Back on topic, folks!


31-12-2006 09:44:57

More details on your roommate's performance, please. Is he in a band? A dancer? Illusionist? )


31-12-2006 10:24:44

Heh sorry, Notre Dame is in the sugar bowl though heh. That's awesome I wish I would be on tv.


31-12-2006 10:33:54

[quote6ce4e01806="double_d"]More details on your roommate's performance, please. Is he in a band? A dancer? Illusionist? )[/quote6ce4e01806]

Yeah he's a singer, he'll be singing with Frankie J. Well that is as long as he passes the background check that the NFL makes him sign.


31-12-2006 10:44:05

I'll be at the superbowl!!

I got invited to be a volunteer D . I too had to go through a background check


31-12-2006 11:51:27

If i was old enough, i'd be security ofver there since i live prety close to dolphin stadium..... but ofcoruse im not 18 yet so i cant be... i have plenty of friends that will be though.. im still trying to get my friend who is the son of the dolphins president to get me tickets..