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29-12-2006 13:21:11

So my GoDaddy domain expires in a few months, and I don't really want to deal with them anymore. Anyone know of a few good domain registering sites I can compare?

Dr. Doom

29-12-2006 13:36:34 is the first one that comes to mind. is another.

There are tons of others, but they're usually more expensive than the "bargain" domain registrars listed above,, etc.

One thing to consider is that in general, service from one registrar to another is almost identical, so you probably won't see that much of a difference switching away from GoDaddy (though everyone's experience is different).


29-12-2006 13:49:49

Well I think I want some hosting to go along with it this time, what do you think of these guys http//;jsessionid=E654B2925B07639CE0CF03393E780AAC.TC61b?__frame=_top&__lf=Static


29-12-2006 14:16:24

Ive heard 1&1 is absolutely horrible


29-12-2006 14:16:46

Why would you not be happy with GoDaddy for domain registration? I agree they don't have the best hosting plans, but for simple registration they're fine. I've had two of my domains registered with them for years, and have had no problems.


29-12-2006 15:07:48

[quoted9aba9e542="Crynos"]Ive heard 1&1 is absolutely horrible[/quoted9aba9e542]
Really? How come?? and dmorris, I didn't like that the "free hosting" it came with had a ginormous banner on the top of every single page...


29-12-2006 15:48:49

[quote815b397a3e="Crynos"]Ive heard 1&1 is absolutely horrible[/quote815b397a3e]
Not in my experience. I've been hosting with them for 3 years, and several of my friends host with them as well, and we've all been quite happy. I've heard a few complaints on the net, but no more than with the other big shared hosting vendors.

[quote815b397a3e="mnx12"]Really? How come?? and dmorris, I didn't like that the "free hosting" it came with had a ginormous banner on the top of every single page...[/quote815b397a3e]
You didn't mention hosting, just domain registration. ;)

"Free" hosting has to be paid for somehow. What do you expect for $8/year? lol I don't use their "free" hosting, you just mentioned the domain registration itself and that's all I use GoDaddy for (that and the e-mail forwards you get with the domain).

You can't really judge GoDaddy by their free hosting -- most registrars don't give you any free hosting at all, certainly not the big ones and certainly none that wouldn't be ad-based or have some other string attached. If you want good hosting, it isn't going to be free. I'd point you to GoDaddy if you just want a domain registration, or 1and1 if you want both a domain and decent hosting.

Dr. Doom

29-12-2006 15:49:04

I've been using Dreamhost for almost 2 months now, and they've been far better than I expected considering how much they oversell and how cheap they are (with a coupon code, it came out to something like $23 for a full year of hosting). Still, I wouldn't trust them with a very important site, like a business or something.

I've also heard that hostgator, bluehost, asmallorange and lunarpages are decent hosts.


29-12-2006 17:06:55

Yeah dmorris, I guess I didn't explain it too well. Dr Doom, i'll take a look at Dreamhost. Thanks!


29-12-2006 23:10:40

i think i have a couple domains I need to renew.