Did FIPG get hacked earlier today?

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26-12-2006 19:12:13

I tried to sign on and McAfee told me it was a phishing site.. and it went to a whole different site. It asked for different logins. Then I tried again later and it was a whole different site.


26-12-2006 19:32:54

No, no h4x. It was the hosting site or something...


26-12-2006 19:48:07

No, once in awhile our hosting site activates a redirect that takes you to the admin login for the site. It's happened a few times before but today's lasted longer than usual.

Nothing to worry about. It may be due to the working going on to move us to a new datacenter.


26-12-2006 19:58:09




26-12-2006 20:02:00

it's not my fault.. I searched for 'hacked', not 'giant crab'... lol


26-12-2006 20:03:12

[quote04c550962c="BD2006BD"]it's not my fault.. I searched for 'hacked', not 'giant crab'... lol[/quote04c550962c]

I know, lol. When you went to the log-in page there was a giant crab for me and a few others.


26-12-2006 21:02:43

Actually, according to http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=50148
you were the only one that saw it lol

I think you should lay off the http//www.websmileys.com/sm/smoking/rauch01.gif[" alt=""/img89e7e25b31]


26-12-2006 21:18:36

http/" alt=""/img12.picsplace.to/img="12/1/crab_1_.jpg[" alt=""/img6389b31827]


27-12-2006 05:43:08

I saw the giant crab also.


27-12-2006 07:19:47

[quote954888a0fa="Wolfeman"]http/" alt=""/img12.picsplace.to/img="12/1/crab_1_.jpg[" alt=""/img954888a0fa][/quote954888a0fa]

You sure that's a crab? That looks like a lobster or a shrimp. Maybe a crayfish, if from down south. (Looks like it could be)

Anyhow, feel lucky not to have seen the crab. Those who do, die untimely deaths.


27-12-2006 10:22:50

LOL, okay to settle all the crab conjecture...

The host's control panel logo is a big crab on the beach

http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/freebies/apiscrab.png[" alt=""/img1b2ed784b1]

So I have to assume you guys saw the same, or something related to whole shellfish theme. ;)


27-12-2006 11:34:34

that's exactly what i saw )