Assy McGee

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25-12-2006 22:42:33

Anyone watch this show? In my opinion, it's the best thing on Adult Swim, and damn is it funny. It's about this washed up cop who's just an ass with legs, and he talks kinda like Stallone in the Rocky movies but with a more muffled voice. The voice acting is hilarious and it's just a great, 10 minute show. You can check out the episodes at YouTube

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Ep 1 Murder by the Docks
Ep. 2 The Flirty Black Man
Ep. 3 Game of Death
Ep. 4 Busted Full
Ep. 5" Mexican Rain

The show isn't meant to be taken seriously and it's ridiculous, but you can't help but laugh.

It's on Sundays at 1130 pm.


26-12-2006 11:19:15

I love AS but I didn't find this show funny. I'll give it another shot...


26-12-2006 11:31:50

Ep 5 seemed like the best of the lot. It's really funny, but like a lot of AS shows, the "low-fi" animation can get on my nerves.

South Park can get away with it since it's more or less inspired by colorforms, but when you have more detail, and still do less frames, it throws you. At least for me. That's not a shot at this show in particular, just AS in general.


26-12-2006 12:11:14

12 Oz. Mouse is the most retarded thing ever...


26-12-2006 15:36:33

[quote3ae5178cb1="Wolfeman"]12 Oz. Mouse is the most retarded thing ever...[/quote3ae5178cb1]

Agreed, can't stand that show. Assy is just funny because of Assy. He's an asshole (no pun) and just has to shoot somebody or something once he pulls out his gun. And his voice is priceless.


26-12-2006 17:20:22

I wonder if Stallone has seen it. There was once a rumor that he was into cleveland steamers, so I wonder how he would take this. )