Christmas Eve Work

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24-12-2006 23:12:25

So most of you know that I work at a grocery store, Vons (Safeway). Today I did a 9.25 hour shift, the first 8 hours working meat dept. and then the rest doing courtesy clerk cleaning up the store.

We closed down the store at 9 and people were still trying to come in, I manned the door and told them "sorry, no can do".

anyway. anyone else work tonight at all?

Have a Merry Christmas... i'm tired and exhausted. 41.25 hours this week, haha never worked a 40 hour week before,always 38 hours and never 5 days in a row.


24-12-2006 23:47:46

i'd say welcome to the real world, but i'm not there yet...

Sounds like no fun, i'm glad I don't have a job right now ) altho I could use the extra money...

just think of it that way, 5 days and you got more money than your normal 7 day week? maybe thats no help... shrug


24-12-2006 23:56:04

I work in about an hour... But it makes no difference to me, I don't celebrate Christmas.


25-12-2006 07:07:11

worked 630am until 845pm yesterday. worked 78 hours last week


25-12-2006 07:24:19

What do you do jy3?

My friend had to work at Walgreen's til midnight last night.


25-12-2006 08:25:15

Thankfully I got Christmas Eve off as well as the 26th and 27th. I suppose that's the least they can do for making me work 5-6 days straight and 35+ hours a week when I'm supposed to be a part-time seasonal.


25-12-2006 08:29:43

I went in at 530am Sunday morning(I am a kitchen manager) to set up for lunch, worked til about 3pm.....that's a pretty short day for me, usually work 12 or 13 hours a day 5 days a week including sucks!