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24-12-2006 22:03:46

boc at woot


24-12-2006 22:06:46

Can anyone else get to the site?


24-12-2006 22:07:38

nope, i was reloading when it finally popped up, the instant it went up, the site was dead slow


24-12-2006 22:08:24

Ive never done woot before, what is it generally?

unknown uchiha

24-12-2006 22:08:41

Nope, I can't get in. Servers die everytime there's a Bandolier of Carrots or any Blinged-Out Cabbage up for grabs =/

Farthest I can get is to clicking "I WANT ONE!" and then the server, well, gets too busy...

I remember one guy getting a HUGE TV, another getting some really good MP3 player, and other stuff from the BOC before.


24-12-2006 22:11:42

u always get 3 things, normally dumb shit, but a chance at something super good,

regardless its worth much more than 6 bucks


24-12-2006 22:13:07

Yeah, I got one, was refreshing at around 1205 cause I had a feeling. Maybe I should have went for 3. Can't wait to see what I gets D


24-12-2006 22:14:46

sold out


24-12-2006 22:15:57

i wish i registered before this


24-12-2006 22:17:29

hogwash (

unknown uchiha

24-12-2006 22:19:43

sold out, i'm already registered AND have a billing payment setup with paypal (one-click ordering)

goddamn those wooters =/ i wanted three and got none


25-12-2006 08:40:46

can you buy things off woot using paypal without having a paypal debit card? Like the money come straight out of your balance?


25-12-2006 10:00:46

[quote1d03c58179="goof"]can you buy things off woot using paypal without having a paypal debit card? Like the money come straight out of your balance?[/quote1d03c58179]
yea...they accept paypal.

I fucking hate woot and their stupid BOC!!!! I'm 0 for 4 so far. ( (
Got the worst lucky of all. Damn it woot!!
I think some ppl will get ps3's this time. The last BOC, some ppl got wiis!! shock


25-12-2006 11:47:42

I also was able to snag a boc before they sold out. Can't wait!


25-12-2006 15:16:41

what exactly is in those bocs?

unknown uchiha

25-12-2006 15:53:13

Random stuff, it's usually dollar tree crap (army men, cardboard airplanes), overstocked specific items (laptop bags, chargers for a certain cellphone model, etc.) and sometimes you get good stuff

40 inch TV (someone got this)
MP3 players (Rio brand/etc)


25-12-2006 18:33:44

I want a BOC just once (


25-12-2006 22:21:46

yeah last year on christmas eve they had one as well.