Car Rental Question

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23-12-2006 10:30:28

I just booked a 7 day trip to Florida. With air,car ,hotel and a 7 day Universal pass (which we'll use about 3 days) it only came to about $1060. Now as I read the rules at the very end in very tiny print, I see that dollar rental charges $25 a day for people between 21-24. That's almost $200 dollars, more than anything else in the trip....

Basically what I'm asking is if there are any car rental places that you know don't charge this ridiculous fee. I know they have to cover their asses, but come on, a free shouldn't cost more than the rental...

I know dollar and budget charge it...


23-12-2006 12:29:28

bball, every place does that, plus you'll pay another 15-25 bucks each day for insurance. If you really really love me I'll give ya a code that gives you a discount and gets rid of those fees. Hit me up on aol.


23-12-2006 13:29:27

Nevermind, hairy hooked me up...



23-12-2006 14:26:37

hook me up for future refs


23-12-2006 15:18:14

Looks like it'll be a while before I rent a car....


23-12-2006 15:39:41

Check your regular car insurance policy. Some extend your protection to rentals. Mine does, so i never got the extra insurance. But check all the fine print because everyone's insurance is difference and you may not get the full protection like mine offers.