Free 2000 Wii Points

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22-12-2006 17:23:19

Don't know if this has been posted yet.


Do the True offer and get a free 2000 Wii points card.

I already got my confirmation email.

[quote302450d733]Hello Pamela,

Thanks for participating in the Wii Points Card promotion.
We have recieved confirmation that you have signed up for and your
product will be shipped within 10 to 14 days. You will also receive another
email from us when the shipping takes place.

The address we will ship to is

If you need to make any corrections to this address or have any questions,
please reply to this email.

The Staff[/quote302450d733]


22-12-2006 17:47:33

thanks. how long does it take to get credit?


22-12-2006 17:52:11

Awww man. I've already done the true offer too. (


23-12-2006 06:03:52

[quotea6f3db309f="shortys408"]thanks. how long does it take to get credit?[/quotea6f3db309f]

Took me 3-4 days.


23-12-2006 08:26:47

You can get $30+ for doing true.