Weekend Deadness?

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22-12-2006 05:55:53

I have heard from multiple people that the weekend brings about many sites shutting down their crediting systems. What time does this start? I did an offer for Freebidding on YGF, but it didn't credit. Second instant offer I've done on there that hasn't credited yet.

'Trying to get YGF finished offerwise before this evening so that I can have Doylnea's site finished before they have to go out of town.


22-12-2006 05:59:05

Actually one just came in. Also whats the other offer you did? It also depends what offer done to know if it ill credit on the weekend.


22-12-2006 06:09:28

Freebidding, I just checked it credited. I'm going to PM you a specific question about my account.

The offers that don't credit over the weekend, what time does the system close?