Will my Ebay/Paypal account get suspended/put on hold for...

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22-12-2006 03:27:49

My undergrad email address was still valid so i signed up for another ebay account. If I were to use both ebay accounts, [b3ff0ecf1bd]but used the same Paypal email address,[/b3ff0ecf1bd] would my ebay or paypal account get suspended or put on hold?

(my reasoning behind this is that over break my fiance wants me to sell a bunch of her stuff. I dont want to list her designer stuff with my junk. So i wanted two separate accounts, but same paypal address.)

Or if you guys could suggest an alternative to my dilema. I dont have the time to list all her stuff and then wait 10 days to list mine. I just need to get it all over with at once.


22-12-2006 05:08:06

It shouldn't be a problem. Professional sellers often have multiple accounts, in particular one for buying and several for selling each of their product lines.

You'll get your account suspended however, if you open another eBay account, having had one previously suspended (they link them by IP, but also paypal email address, etc).


23-12-2006 05:12:55

Thanks, + karma for the help

Good news for me!