Paying off credit cards

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unknown uchiha

21-12-2006 17:31:23

Okay so I have a balance of $135 that's going to be billed to me tomorrow (I check/pay my bills online). If I send the payments in batches (seeing as how I will pay off the entire bill before the due date), will I still get charged interest?

Thanks to everyone who replies with meaningful answers =]

If it helps, I have a Citi Platinum Select Visa.


21-12-2006 17:50:14

Why not just save up your cash until you have enough to pay off the bill in full?


21-12-2006 18:16:29

There's no since in paying in batches. Pay it in full.

But as of getting charged interest. . . You shouldn't until the due date.


21-12-2006 19:13:34

Most credit cards have a grace period of 21 days or so in which you are not charged interest. If you pay the full amount on or before the end of the billing period, there should be no interest. If you carry a balance is when they start charging you interest!!

Be smart, pay it off! Or you will end up in debt like 70% of the population! I regret running mine up, but I am payin them off and operate off of cash only!


21-12-2006 19:19:09

on a decent card the grace period is longer than 21 days

some go as long as 90

but if you're paying it off in full you should be interest-free

unknown uchiha

21-12-2006 19:51:10

Alright thanks D