What to do with an online Barnes and Noble gift card?

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Dr. Doom

21-12-2006 10:15:02

I just made a large purchase from Amazon (which has better prices anyways) so I don't need any books at the moment.

I was going to sell it on eBay, but gift cards typically sell well below their actual value. For example, it's likely that my $25 certificate will sell for around $21, subtract $2 for eBay and Paypal fees and I'm left with $19 from a $25 card. It almost makes me want to buy random crap on B&N.com so I don't lose anything...


21-12-2006 10:21:19

If you don't want to sell it, the typical advice is to buy something with a rebate that you can resell for profit. B&N.com may not provide rebated options (I believe they only sell books, dvds, and cds (which are typically not rebate items)).


21-12-2006 12:15:39

Uh, want to buy me a book? -D


21-12-2006 12:58:39

Give it away as a Christmas present.


21-12-2006 17:03:08

Buy some clearance items and sell them on Amazon shops or ebay.