Rocky Balboa

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20-12-2006 20:15:00

Saw it. Loved it. Made me forget Rocky V.

The theater was packed and there was a lot of cheering during the match. I recommend you go see it this weekend.


20-12-2006 20:25:41

I can't wait to see it, meanwhile I downloaded the soundtrack off iTunes and its amazing, great for working out


20-12-2006 20:31:57

Forgot that came out. I'll probably see it Friday. Soundtrack's awesome too.


20-12-2006 20:55:15

I didn't know people actually took the Rocky movies


20-12-2006 20:58:33

people goto movies for entertainment whether they're serious or not...thats not the point of it

p.s. I might go see it I have heard it was the best rocky movie?


20-12-2006 21:16:00

Oh yeah, the music. When he starts training and that Rocky theme starts up, the crowd was all fired up.

Even the chicas seemed to like the movie.

Rocky I won Oscars for best picture and director, so it would be hard to top but I can say this one's more Rocky I and II rather than III and IV. A lot of people make fun of Stallone but he really is great in the role that made him big.


21-12-2006 12:57:20

Rocky I was fan-tastic. One of the best sports movies of all time. Rocky II was good but kinda lame. III and IV were awesome but in a totally awful way. "I must break you." ) I have heard that this one is good and gets back to the roots of the series and away from the Hollywood BS money making movies. I would like to see it but I still need to see Apocolypto...


21-12-2006 13:28:51

The movie-review guy in my local paper gave the movie 4/4 stars. I was tempted to write him and ask if he was serious.

I doubt i'll see it, but i'll read about it on themoviespoiler as soon as someone puts it up.



21-12-2006 13:43:56

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21-12-2006 15:59:26

[quotee97e37c99a="mnx12"]I didn't know people actually took the Rocky movies[/quotee97e37c99a]

Do you do anything besides criticize what people eat and watch?


21-12-2006 16:28:16

He complains about his job and criticizes people's lifestyes.


21-12-2006 21:04:59

mnx12, Rocky is on your side
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Apocalypto is ok but you should see this first while the theater is full. You'll have a good time.