Studiotraffic Email

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20-12-2006 14:19:00

I just got an email from I don't know if anyone else who used ST wanted to read it. Thoughts?

Dear Corey

Studiopay/Studiotraffic is the subject of an ongoing investigation by
the FBI and Onondaga County Sheriffs Department. Investigation of this
matter has developed information that you have had financial
transactions with one, or both, of these companies. If you have been victimized by
either of these companies please file a complaint with the Internet
Crime Complaint Center at the following website


Please reference Studiopay as the subject of the investigation when
filing your complaint. Provide as much detail as possible pertaining to
monies invested, individuals contacted, method of contact (telephone,
mail, E-mail etc...), amounts, and dates of payment and any amounts
received from Studiopay. If possible, include dates of contact, the Studiopay
employees contacted and brief summaries of the conversations.[/quoted2fdbbb242]


20-12-2006 18:26:49

I'll have to check my spambox for that!