Princeton Review vs. Cliff Notes - AP Exams

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19-12-2006 17:43:04

I am taking a few AP's this year so I was wondering which would be a better study aid.


19-12-2006 17:50:38

I didn't know Cliff Notes did APs, but I've used Princeton Review and they have pretty good aids. Try asking your teachers if they have any old exams since they would be the ones to have access to them.


19-12-2006 20:11:20

when i took the ap exams the princeton review books were amazing


19-12-2006 21:09:01

you toked what?/i'mma get that 1000 tonight


19-12-2006 22:32:03

college confidential compiles list of best books for each AP, check it out on the forum. if they didnt this year, check the old ones