I got the deal! PS3 60gb on Amazon

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19-12-2006 13:22:13

I signed up for the Amazon.com special promotion they had, where you could choose between a 60gb ps3, 20gb ps3 and nintendo wii. They then randomly chose people to receive the claim codes out of all the entries - and I won!

-- > http//www.100percentoff.net/deal.JPG

I don't have enough money right now to buy one, but I'm gonna call my parents up and they'll probably be interested (if anything, we can sell it and make a good profit).


19-12-2006 13:31:50

i wouldnt buy it expecting to make a profit. They are not selling for very much.


19-12-2006 15:20:15

Yeah, you're right. I'll probably just sell it to one of my friends for like $650 (in stores, with michigan 6% tax, its $636 anyways).


19-12-2006 15:42:30

Congrats, you are a lucky guy.


19-12-2006 19:30:47

you SOB

i wanted it more than you!


20-12-2006 05:20:37

Yeah, I signed up for the wii and got it. I wonder if it actually was a lottery to buy the system or if it was just some marketing scheme to excite people to buy them.


20-12-2006 20:43:07

I didnt believe it but i checked on ebay and lots of ps3s are lly reabeing sold for only $30-$50 above retail. Considering the listing fee, final value fee and paypal fees some of them are being sold at a loss....