Retailers profit from unused gift cards.

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18-12-2006 17:55:00

I saw this on

Last winter, Best Buy Co. reported a $43 million gain in fiscal 2006 from cards that hadn't been used in two or more years.



18-12-2006 18:01:01

wow thats awesome...


18-12-2006 18:16:15

some time when I am not browsing from my phone, I will send links, but suffice it to say that consumer electronics retailers make most of their profit from extended warranties, and warehouse clubs (costco, sam's club, bj's) make most of theirs from membership fees, not from selling merchandise.

and in your average drugstore, > 70% of sales come from prescriptions


18-12-2006 18:27:10

Other than losing a card, i cant see how so many people dont get around to something FREE to them. Or if they themselves purchased the card, something that COSTED them.

That number seems insanely high to me. Hey, pass over those cards to me D


18-12-2006 19:47:55

I got lots of cards I haven't used in 2yrs. They are to places I never go. Took me 2yrs to use a blockbuster card, found Halo games for xbox on sale for $10 so bought 5, lol.


18-12-2006 19:57:10


if you have any cards you dont wont, isnt ebay the best place to sell them?

i dont konw about making a profit, but if you got them as gifts, why not


18-12-2006 20:04:29

Who wants to use cash to buy gift cards on ebay? I guess if you sale them half value.


18-12-2006 20:45:01

im also pretty sure people would give them as a gift, so it's a gift that keeps on giving i guess.


18-12-2006 21:03:45

[quoteb439471873="BlueFusionX"]Who wants to use cash to buy gift cards on ebay? I guess if you sale them half value.[/quoteb439471873]

You would think, right? Because i thought so too, but look on ebay.... gift cards go for within dollars of the actual value! People are buying a $50 gift card to save 2 dollars!

I cant figure out why. I actually made a thread about his because it bothered me that sometimes the card (especially gift cards) went for MORE than the value!

Someone made a good point in my thread though that some people are using the gift cards for purchases online. Because they dont trust entering in their credit card info online, they like to use gift cards. That is why they will pay $49 for a $50 gift card. Or even $110 for a $100 gift card as i have seen.


18-12-2006 21:07:22

I have a bunch and they all have a couple of bucks so I dont bother using them. I guess it all adds up


19-12-2006 01:25:22

i'll just forget about them... My uncle gives us $30 sears cards each year, i never find ne thing to buy at sears so I havn't used the last 2 or 3 probablly... if I'd remember them when I go to the mall, i'd run in and blow them... but i always forget about them shrug


19-12-2006 06:44:35

Sell or trade your unwanted gift cards http//


19-12-2006 14:35:58

[quoteffc6dc643a="Godrockdj"]Sell or trade your unwanted gift cards http//[/quoteffc6dc643a]

Hmmm, so I can sell my $570 CAD Best Buy gift card here? Canadians allowed? Anyone interested here...... lol