Custom sub enclosure....How much would u pay?!?

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18-12-2006 14:31:19

Hey guys. Just bought a 98 Passat and was looking into costum sub enclosures and found a member on a passat board who makes them. The following picture is the box i'd like to purchase.... http/" alt=""/[/img4ee51b32db]

Now, I'm familiar with car audio but not fiberglass boxes like this. How much would you say is a fair price for it w/out the sub of course?? Just trying to see if what he is asking ,$175, is a good price??


18-12-2006 15:18:08

My Bandpass box takes up a ton of room in my trunk, I would love something discreet (sp?) like that, but I can't tell what part of the trunk that one is in ? I don't know about $175 a peice though, for that price I may figure out how to get some molds made myself |


18-12-2006 18:08:04

if you have no clue, then as a last resort look on ebay and see what they are charging to give you a ballpark range.

Hopefully someone here comes along and is really into car audio and can help you out! Sorry i cannot.