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18-12-2006 13:52:56

i have a 20$ bestbuy gift card and i want to get college hoops 2k7 and have it shipped straight to my brothers house for christmas. but its like 22 after shipping, is there a free shipping code or could someone lend me 3 bucks off of a best buy card? ++++karma


18-12-2006 14:46:43

Use your $20 as a best buy gift card.. and pay the extra amount with a credit card or something (or paypal virtual card if you have money in your paypal account).


18-12-2006 14:51:01

how do i do that?


18-12-2006 15:09:09

You go to, log in. Click on Profile, go to Virtual Debit Card. There you go. If they require a security code, you'll have to sign up for their real debit card. Requires 60 days of PayPal membership and a Premeir/Business account. If you are a personal user, upgrade you account to premeir. Businesses go business.

I would lend you 3 bucks, but PayPals had a hold on my account for six months. (PayPal claim resulting from item out of stock)


18-12-2006 15:09:24


ONLY if your PayPal account is verified and attached to a credit card.


18-12-2006 15:25:13

how do i use both in my purchase, sorry for all thwe trouble.


18-12-2006 15:27:31

Is there not an option on Bestbuy's site? You might have to order it through the phone so they can mess with it on a real terminal.


18-12-2006 15:30:08

i havent tried


18-12-2006 15:32:24

has anyone done that before, i mean combining a gift card and paypal?


18-12-2006 15:35:09

I've done it on PayPal vDebit works just like a real card.


18-12-2006 15:36:37

[quote87edf313c4="BlueFusionX"]I've done it on PayPal vDebit works just like a real card.[/quote87edf313c4]
Yup. All you do is enter your Giftcard shit, and then pay the rest with your credit card. That should work. It should ask you for other payment options because the giftcard doesn't fulfil the price requirements.


18-12-2006 15:38:31

Or it might say declined. In that case you'll have to phone them and get them to do it on their terminal.


18-12-2006 18:04:11

Gift cards can be applied toward your purchase with virtually any store, regardless of whether it's enough to cover the whole amount. Just enter the gift card when you order, then it will deduct that amount from your order total. You'll then pay the balance with a regular payment method.


18-12-2006 19:34:11

could someone make me a virtual simon card, id paypal you money first 26.89 is what i need i will paypal 29.