dead or alive (the movie)

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17-12-2006 19:55:42


i just dled the movie off of torrent (quality was pretty sexy). any ways, i never noticed this movie coming to theaters or anything.

But it was a pretty chill movie. You can really enjoy it if you just put your mind on cruise control for awhile. Its got some laughs, and the setting of the movie just makes it legit.

if you just wanna chill and have a good time. Just watch this junt.


18-12-2006 07:45:32

Is this available for purchase anywhere? My friend is really into that series and it would be a great gift


18-12-2006 08:49:21

I think it was released to theatres not too long ago, so it will probably be a while before it hits DVD/HD DVD.


18-12-2006 10:12:41

Alot of movies don't advertise enough to be heard by everyone in the world. Only a few movies put previews out on certain networks, but yet the theaters play alot of them. My brother heard about it somewhere, and it inspired a new Flyleaf song lol. [i5054d9b904]Dead or alive. . . My soul is ready to die. In pieces[/i5054d9b904]


19-12-2006 20:33:49

I heard it was delayed, according to EGM. I also heard that it was one of the worst movies ever made...