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11-12-2006 13:11:54


[quoted8ceba1ef7][bd8ceba1ef7]What is this?[/bd8ceba1ef7]
The Hype Machine is an experiment that keeps track of songs and discussion posted on the best blogs about music.

Easily listen, discover and buy songs that everyone is talking about!

[bd8ceba1ef7]How does this work?[/bd8ceba1ef7]
The Hype Machine tracks a variety of MP3 blogs. If a post contains MP3 links, it adds those links to its database and displays them on the front page.

Some of the frequently accessed tracks are cached by the Hype Machine server, much like Google Search caches web pages, to reduce load on the bloggers' servers and protect their bandwidth. Those tracks are NOT available for download, but you can preview them via the "listen" links that are next to each track or using your media player.

The blog that posted a particular track is identified under every track by name and with a "read post" link that leads to the blog post itself. If you enjoyed a track someone posted, stop by and let them know!

You can purchase CDs and individual tracks by using the "amazon" and "itunes" links that appear next to most tracks. Each purchase you make via the Amazon and iTunes links supports both the artists and the Hype Machine. Please buy and enjoy.

[bd8ceba1ef7]Can I download songs from the Hype Machine?[/bd8ceba1ef7]
No, the Hype Machine does not offer any tracks for download. We provide a list of tracks that are currently being discussed on blogs, not the files themselves. [/quoted8ceba1ef7]


11-12-2006 13:40:56

btw, this was built from scratch by a 17 (or 19?) year old


11-12-2006 13:44:21

I'm getting a 404 on the link. Is anyone else?


11-12-2006 14:03:39

[quotee21ab8cb04="J4320"]I'm getting a 404 on the link. Is anyone else?[/quotee21ab8cb04]

Me too.


11-12-2006 14:08:40

Works for me.

Sounds pretty cool.


11-12-2006 14:19:06

[quote8b46db26cf="theysayjump"]Works for me.

Sounds pretty cool.[/quote8b46db26cf]

only after captain dummy here fixed the link; it should work now.


11-12-2006 14:35:18

Hmmmmm. I'll have to check it out later...


11-12-2006 14:42:24

not to be a jerk but this is a glorified rss aggregator and not particularly noteworthy )


11-12-2006 14:46:19

[quote871d031491="Admin"]not to be a jerk but this is a glorified rss aggregator and not particularly noteworthy )[/quote871d031491]

so is technorati i guess ;-)


11-12-2006 16:24:31

Yes! I <3 sites like this. I usually use http//elbo.ws/ but I guess I'll be using this one too.

Thanks for the link, +KMA.