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unknown uchiha

12-11-2006 21:02:51

Now that the PS3 and Wii are on the verge of launching next week, what is in store for the next-next generation of gaming? Will there be a fourth competitor? Will one of the current three drop out somewhere down the line?

Who will be next to get in on the gaming industry?

Will it be APPLE, with the iGAME?

What if KODAK got into the Gaming business? Could we see a KODAK EASYPLAY coming to a retailer near you?



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12-11-2006 22:27:08

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12-11-2006 22:31:33

portable xbox?


13-11-2006 15:41:09

[quoteb53cd7a3ae="x323smostwantedx"]portable [bb53cd7a3ae]iBox[/bb53cd7a3ae]?[/quoteb53cd7a3ae]

unknown uchiha

13-11-2006 16:45:42

How about a PS9?



13-11-2006 18:03:01

[quote32cb3621d9="unknown uchiha"]How about a PS9?


that is a sweet vid


13-11-2006 18:05:34

Yeah. Sony released that prototype video when the Playstation 2 was released. Everyone watches in awe when they see that. It's just fascinating. I think that if and when the PS9 is released, it will work [iee34f4ee82]exactly[/iee34f4ee82] like that. D


13-11-2006 21:08:09

I cannot wait until developers have Virtual Reality down. As far fetched as it may sound, It'll be sick! I wish they had a portbale Xbox, wasn't UMPC's supposed to be like that?


13-11-2006 21:11:10

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Dreamcast 2?!?!

unknown uchiha

13-11-2006 21:56:56

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Sony already has the PSP2 in China.



13-11-2006 22:11:21

I think this will be a critical generation for Nintendo. Their last 2 generations of systems have ultimately failed in the console wars, Sony dominating the previous 2. Interesting to note that when Sega lost 3 generations of systems(Gensis failed to SNES - arguable, Saturn failed to PSX, Dreamcast failed to PS2), it dropped out of the console scene, which is why I think this generation is critical to Nintendo.

Although Nintendo does have alot more going for it then Sega did. Mario is the most internationally known mascot(I think Mickey Mouse is a close #2), as well as considerably more influence. However, if the Wii fails, I think they could be in some serious trouble.

Microsoft is still a wild card in my books. I don't see X-Box being very successful for a multitude of reasons - mainly a lack of Japanese support(getting better, I know, but still pretty non-existant). However, they also have enough money to stick in for the long run, so they may try to just slowly grind away at Sony. As for the 360 in particular - I really don't think releasing the console early is a good strategy at all. To my knowledge, its every time a company has tried this tactic has failed. Sega failed when they did this with the Saturn and the Dreamcast.

Sony will probably win this generation just riding the success of the PSX and the PS2. Honestly though, I'm not quite sure how the PS3 will do.

I think this generation should be some of the closest competition since the SNES VS Genisis wars. Whoever wins this generation will be looking VERY pretty for the next gen.


15-11-2006 02:43:57

Oh Nintendo, will be around alright. Supposedly they have profited from each console they've ever sold. That is to say, they didn't lose money initially and then made up for the hardware losses with games, no I mean that they've always profited directly from their hardware.

I'll see if I can find that right now.\

Edit Okay, I'm tired of searching. I'm sure its on the internet somewhere, I'm just too tired to find it right now.