You have to see this!

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29-09-2006 13:06:07

Not only should all of you watch this, you should tell everyone else you know about it.


It's about Hurricane Katrina, but this is like nothing else that's been shown about it before. It will open your eyes, make you think, make you angry and make you want to do something about it.

At least it did for me. I admit, I was ignorant about Kartina and the extent of what happened, but now that I've seen this I.............I dunno, it's unbelievable.

Just to note, this is a documentary and not a conspiracy theory. It's pretty much all personal accounts from the people affected by it. I still can't believe some of the things I heard (and saw) in this. I wish I was a billionaire. (

I'm sure you can find a way to get it. wink


29-09-2006 13:07:43

thats deep man, real deep


29-09-2006 13:48:19

Yeah, I am yet to see this documentary, but I heard a lot of good things about it. My family (not immediate) was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina, they lost everything in their worldly possessions, and my uncle was stuck in a hospital with no power or food for 2 weeks.

I do not point the finger at anyone, and if I could it would be God. But even then God had a plan, and his plan was to wipe out New Orleans.

"You saw Katrina but I dont know if you get that, was New Orleans flooded because God needed to clean that?"

"Was what we just witnessed a modern day Sodom where God destroyed a city because his people forgot Him?"

New Orleans is probably one of the worst cities in this country, I have been there many a time, for Mardi Gras, and to visit. Our state is really poor, and our education is 49th in the United States. When you put a lot of poor, uneducated people in the same area, you get drugs and violence.

I remember after Katrina, what none of you GOT to see on the TV, was all of these poor black people coming to cities that had no room for them. We did the best we could, we offered free housing and free doctors, but that is not going to stop crime. We had out police force (which compared to our population is HUGE) on high alert at all times because these people from New Orleans were killing people from here.

I think Katrina opened eyes to the fact that our government is shitty right now, and had NO course of action for anything on this scale, even after something like 9/11.


29-09-2006 13:56:22

Hopefully I can get this at borders I want to see this. I wish I could go to NO with about 100 people to help clean up there.


29-09-2006 14:00:49

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I was also really pissed when I watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?"
GM had a very good electric car (I remember people raving about it on TV a while ago) and they had even built a decent infrastructure for it in California. The movie describes what happened next.

[spoiler0cf804c4ad]People loved the car but the car makers and others were able to pressure the state into repealing the zero-emissions mandate (reason for the elec car in the first place) and so GM ended up prying these cars from current leasees hands and destroying them (they were running perfectly). For me, it's just another instance where what is right gets lost amidst corporate interests.[/spoiler0cf804c4ad]

Actually, a nice topic to discuss too.


29-09-2006 14:25:18

Regarding the NO commentary, I think it ought to be pointed out that propaganda always targets one's emotions. I am personally all for propaganda, but it's always good for people to do their best to identify it. (I haven't seen the commentary, so I don't know if it's propaganda, but I would venture to say it [ifa93c15a29]is[/ifa93c15a29] since people are totally blown away by it—that, or the people that saw it haven't heard of NO until the moment they say that commentary.)

And whatever happened to that tsunami in Asia?


29-09-2006 14:30:51

Yea i agree, everyone should definitly watch it.

Parts I & II - http//
Parts III & IV - http//


29-09-2006 14:34:21

i saw a thing on the tsunami on tv last year and it was strictly raw footage. I had to actually turn it off it was too much for me. thats another thing though all together though


29-09-2006 14:47:21

geej thanks for the link, I wanted to buy the movie but now I can watch it for free


29-09-2006 19:45:10

I saw this documentary around the time it came out, I thought it was very interesting but like all Spike Lee's films, very one-sided. Blah blah, the blacks are suppresed, and the white man is a terrible moster. Obviously, in some instances, he absolutely correct but all hismovies are based off of a white man being the conflict, which kind of ticks me off and keeps me away from his films. All in all, wrth seeing though, of course, if you want to find out what the white man did wrong during Katrina


29-09-2006 19:55:46

Although the majority of people in this documentary and affected by Katrina, this isn't against the white man.

The only way that could be construed would be that everyone in charge of anything (other than the NO Mayor) was white (Bush, The Army Corp Of Engineers, FEMA etc), therefore there was no choice but for it to be aimed at the white man (just not all white people in general).

It's one-sided because you never see it from the people's side, you see it from the side of what the media (who are all owned by the same few corporations, who each have very close ties to the government) reports or tells you about.

I mean, even just seeing all of the actual raw footage of what was going on when it happened, it's sad to think that something like this or such a high number of people could be treated like this in the richest country in the world.

Propaganda is generally used for someone elses gain, but the only gain this has is to show people what really happened during Katrina, which is not a bad thing.

Some will think it's bullshit, some will think it's amazing, but either way it's something that should be seen by the masses.

Also, @ hehehhehe thanks for the link, I'll check that one out. )


29-09-2006 20:29:52

been tryin to catch it on hbo