Need some simple html help

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16-09-2006 17:13:31

Hey, Im looking for someone who knows basic html/coding whatever its called. Im making a new site and could really use some help. Its for a good cause and Im not benefiting from this site what so ever. What I need help with is

-Coding for buttons--> opens new page

-Putting in a poll--->Poll is made, just need to put it into the site

-Putting in a different kind of button

Pretty much Its easy, I think. Pm me for the image of the idea im going for, and let me know if you can help. I really would like this site finished this weekend - mid week...


16-09-2006 17:16:04

I can help you. Please contact me via AIM.


16-09-2006 17:39:35

yeah. i can help too. i'll hit you up on aim