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12-01-2010 05:22:04

Can anyone help me put here (maybe Alan). I signed up for and did the world winner offer which says is an instant credit. It's been 5 days and no credit.

I then last night did the offer and it says same day. Again, still no credit. I am using IE and cleared cookies before doing the offers. I also made sure IE accepts cookies and it does.

I am not sure why my account isn't being credited. Any help would be appreciated


the email= the account is under is the account is under is


12-01-2010 07:47:59

Hello the world winner you must go in and play the amount you deposited. Also do you clear your cookies after you have waited the 10 min. you also know not to do anything on your computer while you are waiting, you can't go browsing around you have to just leave it set and wait.

As for the other one it may take a little longer to credit again did you clear your cookies after waiting. These are the keys to getting credit.

Clear cookies before, wait at least 10 min. with the thank you or conformation page open and then clear your cookies again.

But as soon as you play your deposit on world winner it should credit.

I do hope this helps

Happy trading


12-01-2010 07:56:16

Play the full amount at world winner? I have played about 6 dollars worth

I did not clear cookies afterwords, but I did not have to do that when I got credit for emusic and gamefly. Those went fine

the credit report one may take longer?

Should I remove cookies now even though it is days past?

If i do a missing credit, any idea how long that usually takes?


12-01-2010 12:32:06

It depends on what site it is for. If you want you can contact me on yahoo IM it is wandaswebstore. If not that is fine just post here and I will keep checking.


12-01-2010 12:57:34

Just tried contacting you via yahoo IM

let me know when you may be online


13-01-2010 17:24:08

let me know you IM user name and I will add you