360elite4free.com account approval?

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18-12-2009 18:10:11

So im looking for the Trann rep Alan. I figured this would be a quicker route instead of the contact form on the site.

As of 12/9/09 I submitted my acocunt for review and approval, it stated between 2-4 business days for this procces. Well Still nothing.

Im not complaining or nothing I was just hoping to get this taken care of real quick

I am only interested in the $480 cash, witch I figured would be a very quick transaction.

Also I think I am having some trouble with my offer, I purchased Lifelock and that got credited, and I also signed up for netflix, witch I LOVE! plan on staying, but only the lifelock shows up.

Anyways I was just wondering if i could get this situation taken care of and perhaps get my stuff soon.

Kindest Regards

OH I FORGOT! The email that the 360elite4free accoount is linked to is (ebaytyc@yahoo.com)

Thanks again!


22-12-2009 14:41:46

I do see that the account review issue was discussed via email on Saturday so you're good to go on that!

Regarding Netflix, the offer does typically take about 3 weeks to report back to us so, as you visited it on the 2nd, it should be reporting back to us any day. As soon as it does, your account will be credited accordingly.