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23-08-2009 13:41:11

So I had someone sign up for the site under a hotmail address and then again on a gmail account. The e-mail addresses were almost exactly the same, so I e-mailed the person telling them to make sure not to complete an offer under both because they would be violating the terms of TI. When I submitted my account for review, the offer they completed under hotmail got kicked back and their account was locked, though they only completed the offer under the hotmail account per my instructions.

Has anyone seen a case like this? Upon further review, can I expect TI to give them (and me) credit for the offer?

Thanks, I appreciate any help.


24-08-2009 00:37:26

The account wasn't locked for that reason as that wouldn't cause any problems. The account closure was due to another action which we will provide you with additional details about in your support ticket.



24-08-2009 06:33:19

That's what I get for assuming. Thanks for the quick reply.


24-08-2009 09:31:07

Someone please help me I have been using I have signed up for Netflix thru this site and I am referring people to sign up as well and try to get the XBox 360 console. Well after more than three months of trying I was referred to this place because it is hard to get an email return from customer service, I am guessing from high volume of inquiries. Well Netflix has confrimed that I did sign up for them thru 360elite4free but I have not seen the "NO" over completed offer turn into a "YES" yet and I am not sure why?? If netflix sent the confirmation to aka why hasnt it been posted to my account so that I can get that part of my credit checked off. Please help I am not sure if there is anything else I can do.


24-08-2009 15:58:25

netflix sucks. although trainn is partially to blame for not dealing with the fact that they suck.
someone should post it in a sticky.
did you open an mcr?
i had the same problems on ALL of my referrals.