Finding Referrals

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22-06-2009 10:58:48

Hey all, I have a question for the pros. I have done a couple sites already and received payment. THANKS TRAINN! What I was wondering is how some people got referrals. I asked friends and family to sign up and many chose either blockbuster or netflix. All are currently still members. So no one wants to do another. Is there more things I can do to find more people to help out trainn and myself of course. Thanks in advance!


22-06-2009 11:21:06

Visit the trading section on this site


22-06-2009 11:30:09

Trading has not been working now on is replying. Plus there are not many offers that are left that I can legitimately do. I respect these sites and I do not want to do an offer that one i have already done or two that i am going to cancel in a month.


22-06-2009 11:30:37

no one.. wow can't type


22-06-2009 18:33:44

Can't edit either, I guess. Please don't discuss offer cancellation here.


23-06-2009 04:21:33

[quote7963185f75="JennyWren"]Can't edit either, I guess. Please don't discuss offer cancellation here.[/quote7963185f75]

Saying you don't want to do an offer that you're going to want to cancel later isn't "discussing offer cancellation". Certainly nothing wrong with looking for an offer you stay with. In fact, that's encouraged.


23-06-2009 04:24:55

Wow Jenny I may not be able to edit but you can't read.