Maxx Trim and Hoodia Maxx Offers

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22-04-2009 09:21:11

Has anyone tried the Maxx Trim or Hoodia Maxx offers? I was interested in trying them, but this text from the terms and conditions worries me a little

MSI Nutraceuticals forbids anyone from marketing and/or promoting Maxx Trimô through cash, gift, reward, gaming, and point driven compensation sites. This type of marketing, sales, and purchasing tactics is considered unauthorized, unlawful, and will be strictly dealt with. Consumer's that purchase Maxx Trimô through the above mentioned unauthorized means will be held 100% liable for any and all cost of the product, shipping fees, penalties, and bank processing fees. These types of purchases are non-refundable.[/colore645363e7c]

I may be reading that incorrectly, but is that not exactly what's going on when an offer is promoted through one of the freebie sites?


22-04-2009 10:05:48

I did the Hoodia offer and had no problems.


23-04-2009 07:59:25

Thanks. I guess I'll go ahead and try one of those offers then. I'm pretty limited in offers I can do, because all the other ones I'm interested in seem to be defective as far as processing payment.


01-05-2009 10:06:59

I'm doing the Hoodia Maxx offer. It's been 15-16 days into my 20 day free trial and I haven't even received the product yet. Not very nice. cry