Missing Credit Request- Looking for your help Alan!!

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19-04-2009 10:52:10

Hi, i completed my offer for Yahoo Success Center back in March and put in a MCR with full headers on April 1st. I am currently typing this from my friends laptop but my account email= for TRAINN is email=nyzbabygrl313@hotmail.comnyzbabygrl313@hotmail.com for TRAINN is email=nyzbabygrl313@hotmail.comnyzbabygrl313@hotmail.com/email . I didn't recieve any word after 10 days so I sent in a support ticket and this is the response i got

[b9f46f81e5e]Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain approval on the sign-ups as they were not reported as having been completed for the first time using our site.

Therefore, unfortunately, as we do not receive credit for sign-ups that are not reported to us as having occurred on our site, we are unable to provide credit to you. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

As you experienced problems with this offer that you stated you registered for, there may have been an issue with your computer settings that prevented the sign-upsfrom being tracked.

An offer sign-up reporting may be delayed for a number of reasons including advertiser delay, billing issues, strict browser/internet settings, use of pre-paid cards, or internet security software.

We do recommend taking the following action to ensure proper tracking.

- Doing a thorough cleaning of Adware infested programs or toolbars. This type of software can highjack our tracking and will instead provides credit to the developer (with no reward to yourself).
- Ensuring cookies are enabled
- Clearing your existing cookies
- Disabling any popup blockers/internet security programs running in the

Upon following these guidelines, your success rate of receiving credit for your offer completions should be substantially greater and essentially trouble free.[/b9f46f81e5e]

Now, I don't understand how its even possible that I got CHARGED for doing this offer and now I'm not getting credit for it? If needed I can show the proof that I did this offer, but I find it ridiculous that even after providing full headers and knowing very well that I completed this offer, I'm not getting credit for it. PLEASE HELP ALAN! (


21-04-2009 11:16:08



22-04-2009 06:39:20

Submit a support ticket, imo.


24-04-2009 21:59:39

already did, and recieved no help whatsoever. all they said was that they couldn't give me credit, EVEN THOUGH I submitted full headers and i got charged. c'mon alan, you've gotta have some kind of answer to this?


25-04-2009 13:33:02

Email Alan . . .