My Account Banned? *for refers my friends???*

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09-04-2009 08:20:42

hey Alan, I'm just wondering my account have been banned because of Violated and Terms used.

But I dont Understand why..I did what the site ask for.. do one offer and refer the X amount of Referrals. (which I Refered all 8 of my friends in school) - is it why my account banned? because i Refered 8 of my friends?

or is there some other reasons?

also, I know that 2 of my friends live in the same apartment..but that doesn't change the fact that i can't refer them correct?

in the term (one account per household, per person)..

can you Alan briefly explain to me why my account had banned? thank you.

here is my account email=

if you need information on who I referred to; here is the list

Xiaojin Lin

The two that share the same connection is Danmian & Yin, which they rent apartment together near their school. (in the contrary they live seperate, differnet household) - same goes with Edwin & Khoi as well.

so why am I getting Banned? (was it the offer i did? BlockBuster? since Blockbuster has took off from the Offer List?)

anyways, Alan I need a good reason why you guys ban me, because I've been doing this for 4 months now, and now seeing my account Banned after completion, really make me mad.

thank you.


09-04-2009 08:22:33

Also, I did contact Transcendent Innovation through the link that they provide .. but it been 3 days no Reply (which should took them within 2 days)

sorry I'm currently impatient, because of Site BANNED.


09-04-2009 10:06:06

You can't be impatient with TRAINN. They normally take longer on support than any other site. This isn't a knock on them since they have great customer service, they just have a ton of users. Just be patient and I'm sure this will get resolved, it was probably just some silly mistake!


09-04-2009 12:24:29

I'm pretty sure one address = one household. And they probably also share the same IP address.


09-04-2009 12:25:37

Yeah, but even if they do that wouldn't Ban him. It would just put those users on hold for his account.


09-04-2009 12:55:50

no dude.. i did nintendo wii before.. i mistakely let my friend use my laptop... and which during approval.. that one got cross out and doesn't count...

but on Xbox360 Elite.. I actual contact my friends throught AIM/ MSN and show them how the process goes... so hopefully, it just some mistake

P.s. But i'm quite not pretty sure if they actually put in their address, since i told them just put whatever information you want =/

well thanks guys.


09-04-2009 16:42:44

let's see, you've done the following

Let referrals sign up from your own IP
Had more than one referral from the same household
Shown your referrals the process (walkthroughs)
Told people to put in false information

Any one of these would be a reason to ban you. You broke the rules and told your referrals to fraud the company, and now you are surprised that you are on hold?


09-04-2009 16:56:23


so that what you guys thought?

no you think i'm stupid enough to referred my household member? -_- i did read the rule and stuffs... and I've been with Trainns for 2 years now.. i even got myself a Nintendo Wii...

what I did is the same thing I did with the Nintendo Wii. I referred my friends (but different friends of mine.. since during College I get to know more friends every semester)..

anyway... they all did it in their HOME!!! or APT!!!... so stop jumping to the conclusion when you don't know anything...

I even pay the guy "JOHN" 20$ to do it for me...

anyway please, alan i just need an explanation...
thank you.


09-04-2009 18:23:05

Dude you need to relax, Jenny was just responding to what you posted.

[quote4d57a412d7]also, I know that 2 of my friends live in the [b4d57a412d7]same apartment[/b4d57a412d7]..but that doesn't change the fact that i can't refer them correct? [/quote4d57a412d7]


09-04-2009 18:46:08

oh sorry guys... my bad... it's just i've stress during finals in school and this



09-04-2009 20:57:29

I'm just repeating what you told us, not jumping to conclusions. You are the one who said that two of your referrals live in the same household.


09-04-2009 21:03:47

yea... but their family live in different places.. they move in together for school momentary.. and they be moving out in 1 month.

but anyway.. if that the case then they shouldn't ban my Account.. instead count one Green as red .....


10-04-2009 17:10:51

By your own admission, you violated several terms. It doesn't matter what your intentions were, or how it was momentary, or anything else.

And it's not at all uncommon -- in fact it's usually the case -- for accounts who refer a number of fraudulent referrals, especially from the same household, or when there's evidence of walkthrough, to be placed on hold. You have a responsibility to follow the T&C and to refer legitimate leads who also follow the T&C.

I'm not at all surprised your account was banned if all of those things happened, and you don't yet seem to understand the importance of following the terms to the letter.


18-04-2009 05:10:47

wow 13 days and still no Alan-Kun or any reply e-mail from trainns... very disappointing ...


19-04-2009 12:55:05

The email from the 6th was answered on the 8th. Check your Junk folder for the reply as MSN / Hotmail's filters will ocassionally send our replies to the wrong folder.

If the Bulk folder has already been cleared, just send us an email asking for the reply to be resent or reply back and we'll forward it.