Referrals going Red?

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12-03-2009 01:09:57

I seem to be having alot of trouble lately with my referrals going red. Not unusual to get red referrals in TRAINN, thanks to scammers that target them. Problem is that I've never had a trader with double digit iTR go red. Currently working on my 10th TRAINN site, & all of a sudden I've got 2 experienced traders gone red! 1 @ yourfreeflatscreens & 1 @ 3604free.

I've been trying like crazy to relay communications between TRAINN & the 3 referrals I have trying to prove their innocence. But starting to get ridiculous. Especially when they get locked out & can't use the support tickets anymore. Speaking from experience, trying to communicate with TRAINN through emails is like fishing with no bait. Please help in anyway possible!