Has anyone had a successful MCR? Cuz I never have....

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26-02-2009 03:20:55

I was just wondering if anyone has EVER been given a green after having to wait for their credit to be given and then had to Fill out an MCR....

My worry is that this will never happen, i have traders waiting, as well as myself, who have gotten confirmation emails but NO CREDIT...NO GREEEN?

Is this a common problem?
Does Trainn do this on a regular basis? Not give people greens, who have already gotten confirmation emails?

sandra habina

26-02-2009 04:03:21

Yes I have had many successful MCR's - it is not the site - it is the offer affiliates who have to read the manual credit requests and then give you credit. Hang in there - they do work if you have the confirmation email with the FULL HEADERS attached.


26-02-2009 04:31:01

how long was that after you submitted the requests?


26-02-2009 08:32:52

2 weeks - 10 business day, you will get the result for your MCR


26-02-2009 11:26:56

I have gotten 3 successful MCRs credit in about a week.


28-02-2009 05:59:05

All my MRC been successful so far. You need to provide them the email confirmation with full headers and then wait 10 business days to have an answer from them.


28-02-2009 06:52:57


Yes. I had to file 2 MCR's with TRAIN, and have had them both credit. In turn, of the many TRAIN sites I have completed, a few of my referrals needed to file, and had theirs credited as well.

You must wait the specified amount of days to file.

As was said above, it is very important to have the complete confirmation email submitted, with the "Full Headers" attached to the top of it. If you are not sure what is meant by "Full Headers," please feel free to contact any one of us for help.

If you have followed these guidelines, you will hear back in one to 2 weeks.

Hang in there,

Margot ;)