eMusic??? Good offer???

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20-02-2009 02:49:42

Was interested in signing up for the eMusic offer and was just wondering if anyone has had recent experience with it?

Does it Green quickly? or at all?

I know there are posts about it already but they're a little dated...

let me know...


20-02-2009 10:44:24

I tried it out a year ago, or at least looked into it, I don't think I actually went through with it though because it was mainly Indy music that I wasn't into at all.

If they get more mainstream at some point I'll definitely do the offer


20-02-2009 10:51:27

I've done the offer before, as I recall I had no trouble with credit. It's a good offer if you have a wide range of music tastes and like to try unheard-of artists. They do carry a few mainstream music artists, but not many. However if you like certain offbeat genres, such as comedy (as I do), they have a great selection of nearly all the big performers. I loaded up my iPod with tons of comedy for the 3-4 months I kept my subscription. I wasn't really into their music selection though.


28-02-2009 06:12:30

I done this offer almost 10 months ago. It credit instant if I remember. No problem at all.


05-03-2009 15:35:10

I very much liked this offer. They had some great reggae (Eric Donaldson, in particular) that I've had trouble finding elsewhere.


23-03-2009 21:45:02

eMusic link no longer works...also signed up before it was defective and never received a confirmation email or anything.....


24-03-2009 05:45:04

The link does work. It can take a few days for eMusic to get your account information when you sign up through an affiliate (like TRAINN). You should receive a confirmation email after a few days, and then you can email eMusic's customer service to have them reset your password so you can get into the site.


27-03-2009 07:45:14

Speaking of which, has eMusic been slow to credit for people?

Someone signed up for eMusic through my referral site last Saturday, but it still hasn't credited. I'll tell her to submit an MCR, but I was just wondering if it's just slow or if it won't credit at all without an MCR.

Thanks, guys.


27-03-2009 11:10:43

Answer Yes, credited today. So, expect ~5 business days.

lol sometimes it feels like I'm just having a conversation with myself.


05-05-2009 20:02:27

I did that offer and it took about a week to credit.

At first glance it didn't seem like my kind of music...

But they have a ton of comedians! I got the linewestli Mitch Hedberg album (now, how did they pull that off). There's also a lot of film soundtracks/scores. The kind of thing I don't really want to pay $1 per track for at the iTunes store. (Unless you want to buy the whole album, which is generally cheaper).


06-05-2009 17:05:41

[quote8998ea1a82="Zuse"]I got the linewestli Mitch Hedberg album (now, how did they pull that off). [/quote8998ea1a82]
As I mentioned they do have lots of comedians, and their stuff isn't "old" but rather just selective. Hedberg has been dead for several years, and his last album was posthumously released almost 9 months ago, so it's no surprise that eMusic would have it.


15-05-2009 21:37:27

I did that offer a short while back for one of my Trainn sites. Got my confirm email in just over 2 days and the offer credited shortly after that; all within 3 days.