Alan these guys are driving me NUTS!!!

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13-02-2009 12:38:37

I was wondering how to go about this because two people who I have been initiating trades with are incessantly asking for $ even though they haven't gotten green. now they say they've contacted but its been a very stressful few days. I have had interrupted in the middle of class, and at work.

They have sent me their confirmation emails proving that they have signed up for the offers under my referral link...i initiated trades through a separate social network, but these people can contact me by phone and they are driving me crazy.

I know it's not your problem to have to deal with but I feel like you have been so helpful with all the other people you could help me as well.
So can you please check up on the status' of these 2 accounts for the sake of my sanity please? alan?



13-02-2009 13:20:05

Tell them that wether they do the offer or not, you do not pay until they are green. Most likely you did tell them that, just explain it to them. If they continue to pester you, tell them that they can send a support ticket in MCR and ask for a credit for the offers if they have both recieved emails confirming the offer trial purchase. Then they wait, and wala, they will be credit in about 2 weeks. Also... the phone thing... first, you shouldn't of given them your phone number, bad idea, and two, ask your phone carrier to block their number so you will not recieve any communication from them. Hope I helped.


13-02-2009 13:32:39

I'm pretty sure Alan isn't going to be able to help you out much here. Not to kick you while you're down, but this was a huge mistake on your part, for even letting it get to this point. Public trading outside of the frameworks setup by forums like FiPG and the others is a highly risky venture. Publishing your phone number on the internet is even more misguided.

My suggestions would be

1. Cut your losses and stop trading on social network sites. Posting a ref banner is one thing, but engaging in a financial transaction is another.

2. Get a new phone number.

3. Submit your concerns about the accounts in question via Trainn's support ticket system, not by posting it here.