8 Days and No Approval....Alan help!!!!???

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12-02-2009 09:21:19

Like i said i submitted my account on youripodtouch4free.com on the 4th and in a previous post Alan mentioned that weekends do count in the 2-4 day time frame they say it usually takes...What's the deal Alan? Ive already sent 2 email=s to email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.orgs to email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.org/email...?

What Now?


12-02-2009 09:31:23

Enter a support ticket and wait


12-02-2009 12:45:28

Please PM me your email address and I'll take a look at it.

Edit Actually, looks like we resolved the issue and answered your email from Tuesday earlier today so you're all set!