HMMM wierd problem with yourfree360games site

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07-02-2009 07:56:11

Hey guys, so I have gotten about 6 games I think with no problems from Trainn's site... well I chose to try the referral method once. So I have 2 referrals that greened, and one that did not, and an offer has been completed and credited. With all my other experience it would give me a choice to browse through the games, and then select and order, then fill out my shipping info. With this time, there is no "order game" option. Im confused... usually there is... I sent a ticket, but just curious if anyone knows. Thanks guys!


07-02-2009 08:11:28

I think you still need to complete an offer even if you do it by referral.


07-02-2009 08:36:01

[quote6b9fc20029="ILoveToys"]I think you still need to complete an offer even if you do it by referral.[/quote6b9fc20029]

If you read the post, I DID complete an offer, and it credited already.


07-02-2009 12:56:56

When using the referral method, the account must be submitted for review before placing an order.



07-02-2009 14:22:41

ok,well that helps a little, but there isn't a place that says "place account for approval" or something of that sort.Where do I go to submit for approval? Is it like automatically put in for approval?


07-02-2009 15:29:47

You didn't reset your account yet then.

Before submitting your account for review, you have to click on the "Want to earn another game? Click here" link where it usually says "Click here to submit your account for review." Once you reset your account, it will allow you to submit your account for review.



07-02-2009 17:27:35

Ok,I got it in for approval.Thank you Alan! I thought that would get rid of all my progress if I reset my account, so at first I didn't click that link. This thread can be closed mods.