Charged $80 and Missing Credits for 3 months

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04-02-2009 16:46:01

First of all I was charged almost $80 dollars from Hoodiacore and Colopure from I called them about 10 times and there was never a live operator to help I left several messages to cancel my account and never got a reply. I sent emails to them and never got a reply ether. Knowing that it was only a free trial I mailed the products backs unopened and unused. After a few weeks I was charged $80 dollars to my bank account. This is bullcrap and a way to cheat you without it making it seem like a scam. I have filed claims to my bank and due to mix ups I am unable to claim my $80 dollars back. Oh yeah, I just also checked their website again and the products are now unavailable and both of the products are ran by Transcendent Innovations.

Secondly Ive been missing credits for a bunch of offers for 3 months now. I have opened support tickets, filed a missing credits reports, sent the headers for the missing offers as well. Some of the offers says 5-7 days its been 3 months...

Has anyone else had these problems with the offers and charges from them? It seems that you'll get credited for the offers quick for the first few hundred points then then they will purposely delay your the rest as you get closer to your free prize. Please take my experience with them to consideration before you think of signing up. I will never again try the "free" offers anywhere. Its a waste of time and energy.


04-02-2009 18:38:52

Here's an idea-

Stop signing up for offers with the intent to cancel and you won't have these problems.


04-02-2009 19:28:52

The offers were removed as the advertiser is not seeking additional incentivized sign-ups at the moment. As with all offers, we do not have access to your account with them, but, if you need any information concerning them, please feel free to let us know and we'll assist you as best as we can.

As far as the missing credit requests go, there are no missing credit requests still pending from 1 month ago, much less 3. All requests pending are within the stated typical resolution time of 10 business days (2 full weeks) so please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with information on them.



04-02-2009 22:15:26

The missing credit request from October are still uncredited. Its been long past 10 business days

October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008

How can anyone contact Hoodiacore and Colopure? Ive already tried contacting through phone leaving messages and email and this was months ago. Can you tell me how people can get in contact?