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15-01-2009 18:58:35

everyone uses this thread to bitch and moan about TRAINN, I'd like to share the fact that I've had nothing but great experiences with them. Alan has been nothing but extremely helpful with every support ticket I've ever submitted and I actually just got a payout from them yesterday in a very short amount of time from when I submitted the order.

This is by far the best network for refs and anyone who questions Alan or the Trainn network is clearly missing something.

This is the only network of sites I have people complete and I have never ever had a problem getting issues resolved or getting answers. His response times are excellent and the quality of the answers are just as good.

Figured I should throw a little positive in the Trainn forum, Alan deserves it.


15-01-2009 20:14:36

Oh, for sure! I'm the same way. I've just recently gotten back into referral sites and have been strictly Trainn since my comeback. Regardless of any minor issues I may have had, Trainn is undoubtedly the best in the business and I'll continue completing their sites.

Note My 80GB iPod Classic died and refurbished hard drive prices on eBay hadn't dropped low enough for my taste so I didn't panic. I started a Trainn site and got my brand new, current generation 120GB iPod Classic on CHRISTMAS EVE!!! One of my best gifts ;)

About a month before that, I got my PS3 from them. Fastest approval/ship time I've EVER experienced. I believe I was approved in 3 days and the sonofabitch was shipped TWO DAYS LATER!