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08-01-2009 16:06:32

What's the deal with Does using this site to get referrals violate the terms and conditions of Trainn's websites? Would this get my account banned?

Also what is the rule for multiple referrals living in the same household but a different household from me. Like say 2 people are living in a different household than I am and I want them both as referrals. They will not be going farther in the system just to help me out.

sandra habina

08-01-2009 17:10:05

Only one account per household for any network/site is allowed. I do not know about but if the traders are true and do offers using your link - I think that is fine. You can find your refs on forums or thru friends, just as long as they do not fraud - it should be fine.


15-01-2009 20:19:30

Getref isn't really worth it. I have an account and have tried it, but they don't follow through and complete THEIR Offers. Those that sign up under your getref account. I have 6 refferals from them and NONE have gone green.