Not getting credit for certain offers...Alan Please HELP!

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03-01-2009 19:09:50

Hey alan,

I filled out some offers around beginning of December and I put a request in by Mid-December and still waiting the offers to credit. The offer request just shows Received. Please help. Thanks.


03-01-2009 22:57:41

Please open a support ticket or contact us using the "Contact" link on the site so that we can look up your account and we'll be glad to provide you with additional information.



04-01-2009 09:16:26

I just did. My missing credit request was filled out on Dec 18 and 19 and haven't received an update since. Please help. Thanks


04-01-2009 12:32:57

Could be up to 10 business days. With the holidays and stuff, it's hard to tell what they consider "business days" since certain companies give more days off than others.