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07-12-2008 23:21:05

[be390449272]I have an order with order number 442518, the order says attention required please contact. Its been a long time since I completed enough offers to claim my reward and I have tried to contact them on numerous occasions with no response. I am really disapointed, please help me sort this out. ! [/be390449272][/colore390449272][/sizee390449272]


08-12-2008 07:57:00

Did you check the support section of your account?


08-12-2008 09:50:15

My eyes, my eyes!


08-12-2008 10:10:13

[quotef64ed01bb9="JennyWren"]My eyes, my eyes![/quotef64ed01bb9]

That's probably your problem right there. You're rendering all the TransInn support staff blind.

Frankly I'm surprised that's not a violation of the TOA.


08-12-2008 14:07:55

[quote1eff1f8c6c="tylerc"]Did you check the support section of your account?[/quote1eff1f8c6c]

No, they didn't.

Ticket #616025 was answered on 10/25 with the information. To view the reply to support tickets, you have to return to the Support Ticket section of the site and click on the ticket number, the response is not emailed.