I'm worried, please help

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04-12-2008 23:26:33

Hey, so i'm a little worried that once i submit my account for approval it'll get locked or something. Here's the deal, one of my cousins has the same name as me, no joke, and is one of my referrals. So, i'm thinking once thats seen, it'll be like, "uh, this is the same person." ya know? Just wondering if there's any way this doesn't happen. Thanks, any info would help )


04-12-2008 23:57:38

Haha that sucks but it's also kind of funny. Did you submit a support ticket? It may get answered faster than a post in this forum will.

Good luck, that's quite a conundrum haha.


05-12-2008 18:22:33

You should submit a support ticket and Trainn may ask the both of you to prove your identity.


11-12-2008 06:36:28

yeah......are you your own grandpa too?


11-12-2008 07:55:21

I'm sure if you explain the situation and as long as they don't have the same address, you'll be fine. I would fill out a support ticket regardless, though.


11-12-2008 18:59:39

You should both have your IDs ready.