No answer from trainn. A little help please?

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04-12-2008 10:16:42

I'm usually patient but this has been long enough. My account was recently locked and I had to submit some information to get it unlocked. It has been over a month since it was locked. It has been 22 days since I submitted my documents for review, and it has also been 9 days since I last sent an email to trainn asking what is possibly going on.

I know the deal with high email volumes giving some people a hard time responding and all, but what was said to be 2-3 days for a response, in high volumes, should not end up being over a week, let alone close to 10 days in my opinion. I'm not at all angry, even if this is a huge waste of time for me as I've been locked out for over a month now, but I wish to get to the bottom of this. Can you provide some assistance Alan? I made sure I checked my email and it's filters. Trainn email is on my contact list and I'm sure no email was sent.

Email is REMOVED


04-12-2008 14:26:40

I haven't heard from Trainn either and all I need is a simple email address change because my old email provider went wacko.


04-12-2008 18:54:52

Kenoishi, the most recent email we received from that email address was the one that was answered on 11/11. Please send the documents to the requested docs AT email address and we can assist you further.

23deuce23, I don't recall your email handle off the top of my head, but, you can PM it and I'll check on it for you.



04-12-2008 23:32:07

Thats.. Really strange. I'm sure I sent a message to docs AT a while back. I even have it in my sent messages but maybe things just get lost while sending. Thats understandable. I'll resend it then. Thanks for the response.