Alan Would You Please Help Me One More Time?

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24-11-2008 22:13:29

Dear Alan and Trainn

A while ago I summited a missing credit request. I sumitted the information but you guys still did not credit me. So I waited the 10 days but still nothing. I stoped doing referrals for a while and came back. I was afraid that I was not going to get credit again for another offer so I asked my uncle to lend me his credit card to complete a different offer.I did the book of he month offer but did not get credit for it either.I summited a support ticket on that issue and learned that I was not allowed to use somebody else information and was not credit for it. I learned my lesson and won't do it again I promise. However I did complete the offer for block buster back in the month of august and hope to get credit for it now since I have the referrals to get my prize. I still have my block buster account and I'm still with them. I summited a missing credit request in august 4 2008. Please help me I don't have anymore
money to spend on anymore offers that don't credit me.

Thank you very much guys pleas email me soon.

This is for the 360elite4free site

my referral link numbers are 5257581

Thank You Again Alan and Team and I hope you guys can help me out


25-11-2008 08:52:24

This isn't going to help you. File a support ticket.