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20-11-2008 06:50:23

I have two quick questions for those of you who are experienced with this

1. How long does it generally take after you have placed an order for a paypal deposit for the status to switch to "processing" and then to actually get paid?

2. Is there a time limit within which you have to have all of your referrals or points completed?



20-11-2008 06:54:47


Once you are approved they do paypal cash outs on Wednesday and Saturday I believe

And there is no time limit on trainn sites.


20-11-2008 07:00:32

Thanks! Do you know how long it generally takes to get approved?


20-11-2008 16:27:30

Accounts are reviewed withn 2-4 days of the account being submitted for review.



21-11-2008 06:28:12

Does the status not change while the account is being reviewed?

I only ask because I submitted a wii order on 11/10 (which I cancelled, and replaced with a cash/paypal order instead on 11/19), and the status never changed from "received."

Oh, and sorry for all of the questions. I am new to this.


21-11-2008 10:52:02

It changes to shipped is shipped.


21-11-2008 11:11:49

Yeah, thanks for that.

I ask the question because on the site it says

"When you order is placed, the first step is the "Received" status. During this time your order has been entered into the system.

The next step is the "Processing" stage. This means your order is being reviewed. After "Processing" your order will be moved to "Shipping Soon."

When in this stage, your order has been accepted and the item has been ordered from the fulfillment center and is in the shipping process. Should the item be in high demand, it may result in it being temporarily backordered, which would be displayed on your order status page as "Backordered."

The last stage of the order process is "Shipped." When your status is displaying this message, your item has been sent and is on the way to you."

I haven't seen it change from "Received."


21-11-2008 13:02:53

That's true, although recently they've been shipping most items so fast that it goes straight to shipped (esp with PayPal).


21-11-2008 13:05:58

I see. That answers my question. Thanks!


23-11-2008 16:42:29

Has anyone ever had the status change to "ATTN Required. Please Contact"?


23-11-2008 19:44:21

No, but submit a support ticket and Alan will take care of you.


24-11-2008 11:38:11

I have. I just get annoyed having to wait days for a response.

I would think they would just automatically send an email to me explaining the problem, rather than me having to log onto the site to see that there is a problem in the first place, and then submit a support ticket to find out what the problem is. Just some constuctive criticism.


24-11-2008 16:24:10

I asked for a check and its been in "Received" since like, the 10th. \

I sent a support ticket on Friday and no response yet.


24-11-2008 16:39:21

Cheques take a bit longer.

The ATTN Please contact usually means that they need your PayPal email address, or that your PayPal account is not approved.


26-11-2008 08:10:15

It would be nice if they would respond to my support ticket or to my emails to confirm.

Seriously, making people wait, especially after they have completed all of the requirements and placed the order, is lame. All that I am asking is for them to let me know what the problem is.

I thought I would have the money in my paypal account last Saturday. Instead, I now have to wait for someone to tell me what the problem is, then I can respond, and I am sure that I will have to wait some more...


26-11-2008 08:12:18

Yup... that's the breaks


26-11-2008 08:22:32

No, that's poor customer service.


26-11-2008 17:45:42

I would recommend a branderama site for you


26-11-2008 17:53:48

It may or may not be poor customer service, but it's still the breaks. Trainn's customer service is one of the best I've seen on any freebie network. Just work with it and you'll get your prize eventually. It's not like you're a customer plunking down $5 for a traditional service. There isn't a staffed customer service department, there's not a streamlined ticket system that's going to work for all situations.

Just be patient and you'll get your prize.