Be Aware of Grant Every Day offer!!!!

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10-11-2008 13:29:06

Please be very careful if signing up for the Grant Every Day offer. They list a customer service number that repeated beeps, as if its a number not in service. If and when you do get through they list 3 options to choose from and then put you on hold and keep hearing a recording every 10 seconds please your call is important to them and that it will be answered in the order it was received, I was on hold for 3 hrs and 47minutes and then it disconnected . Yes (3hrs 47minutes) but mainly on speaker as I went about other work just listening for them to answer the phone. If you need to ask them a question about the trial or anything, please use the e-mail link on their contact page. Not really complaining about them as they did credit the sign-up, but you can't reach customer service via phone. I've read some online rip-off reports and complaining blogs about this company so please be aware..... Again not complaing but just please be aware.....


11-11-2008 16:01:24

I've just recently done grants everyday and I noticed the same thing. Both the numbers they provided don't work and oddly, after submitting an email to them to cancel my account today, I've received 7 phonecalls in total from a 201 number talking about grants, but when I call back, it tells me the number is not in service. How did you cancel the subscription? Just by simply emailing them to ask for a cancellation or what?


11-11-2008 16:38:52

This is the correct number 1-866-524-7754


12-11-2008 06:12:48

I ended up sending an e-mails on their contacts page and also the website to sign in for the grants. I received a confirmation that my account has been cancelled. I also called my credit card company to stop any more charges from that company to be on the safe side. Its weird how they credit the offer but the phone numbers they list to contact them don't work, or the recording puts you on hold and then disconnects you...


10-12-2008 00:40:02

That same thing happened to me too! I sent multiple emails in order to cancel. There is also a form on the site that allows you to submit a request. I eventually got through to someone on the phone in order to get a refund for the $59 they charged my card!


10-12-2008 07:49:04

Wow nice work guyz.

Breaking the two cardinal rules of FiPG in one thread.