Account closed at free360games - no response after a month?!

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03-11-2008 22:17:46

My account was mysteriously closed after my game was "shipped," though it never arrived.

Now, when I try to log in, the site tells me my account has been closed. After unsuccessfully submitting the contact form 3 times over the course of the last month, I still haven't heard anything!

Anyone have any tips for getting some more info?

(and there's nothing in my spam folder - I've checked!)


04-11-2008 05:25:18

Go onto one of the trainn sites that your account is not closed on. Then submit a support ticket, and tell them its regarding whatever site its regarding(in this case the games site) Thats what I have done, they will reply to it.


04-11-2008 15:08:02

Any suggestions if I don't have any other TranInn sites?