HELP ALLAN! I can't login to 3604free

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17-10-2008 10:20:50

I registered and did an offer yesterday at

Now as I tried to login to check my status, the site just bounced me back to the login page again after hitting the login button, I did this about 3x to no avail so I used the "forgot password" request link and I still couldn't login using the newly generated password. ?

I've done many trainn sites (and other freebie sites) but this is the first time that something like this happened.

Help please. I need to check my account ASAP.
I'll appreciate your prompt reply, thanks.


20-10-2008 13:08:15

If you haven't already, send us an email using the contact form or a support ticket on one of your other accouts and we'll be glad to see what's going on with it.